Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Movie

Halluuu Halluuuu peeps !

How are you?

Hope all of you are doing fine =)

Well well well, this semester and last semester, I have this two short movie I had to make with my other team members. Satu for English subject and another one is Human Development subject. And I am the director and scriptwriter for both movies. Hee. Saje nak share the experience I had while making these movies. Just some pictures, since most of my entries are full of words kan. Enjoy ! But taknak lah ltak video movie tu, malu ! ;p

These pictures are from the Human Development Movie called 'Gusto'.

Poster yang tak seberapa. Haha

Mun and me =) Shayangg Mun !

The cast, Syaf and Mia

At Guardian Store, yg last2 kne halau. Haha =p

Family in the story =)

Syarina and Myra 

Uihh, tak sabo nak makan ! 

Peace ! Myra and Mun

Myra, Syaft, Farra. Dearest roommates =)

Mimi kena kepit !

Lovee <3

Tension asyik gelak je, tak jadi smua scene. haha

Basically, cerita ni pasal a girl ( me ) yg ada penyakit but still going strong in her life. And this awful doctor ( Syaft) who turned out to be a great one after the girl died. Story ni agak sedih la. huu. And I edited the movie myself. Sayanggg korang smua ! =)

These pictures pula from the movie from the English subject, 'The Lamb To The Slaughter'.

Aishah sayang !

Nisa nyomel =)

Haha, muka blurr

Mayat ;p

Syarina and Nisa <3

Nak ambil lamb nak bunuh Patrick. haha

Don't snap my pictures anymoree

Okay, this movie basically about Mary ( me ) yg baru dpt tau suami dia ni ( Patrick ) sbnrnya nak tglkan dia, padahal si Mary ni tgah pregnant taw ! ish ish ish. Soo, she killed her husband and at the end got away with it. Huu, Best taw ! =)

Nak upload video ke? Ermm, tak payahh kott ! Apa kata anda? =p
                                                                                                             Till the day gets better,


  1. myra :) rindu la . bila nak jumpa ? tee-hee

    nice movie *wink

  2. Biee ! rinduuuu awk jgk ! huu, kte cuti nanti kte jumpa kayy. awk tga cuti ke ? :)

  3. belum , hari sabtu ni kita balik la :)

  4. yekee? kte nak dkat final exam dah ni. tensionn. awk cuti lama ke biee ? =)

  5. kita cuti sampai hujung bulan 5 . kita nak jumpa awak juga !

  6. okay okay. nanti kte jmpa tawww. tp tgh may ni kte exam. ble2 kte blik nnt kte jmpa kayy <3 rindu budak kck comel ni ;p

  7. upload la dear..anis nk tgok..hehee..msti chumeii..=)

  8. huu, malu la dear ! seyes maluuu ;p

  9. ececeh!hehehe..mne tau bole jdi terknal bila anis tgok..=p