Thursday, April 28, 2011

All About Me =)

A little something about me.

Amirah was the name given.

I promised myself to be stronger for my long journey ahead.

And writing is my biggest passion, I pour my thoughts by it.

Through all those moments in life, I cried a lot. Only when nobody is watching nor listening, I cried deep inside.

Everytime I wallow in sorrow, I look up the sky, and HE'll promise me everything will be okay.

Each time I'm happy I look down to the ground, so that I realize where I was actually standing.

I love love love fashion ! But still need some courage to wear a shawl.

And yes, I want to get proposed in the most romantic way.

And wear a beautiful couture dress on my beautiful wedding day.

Oh oh oh, and have my dream garden wedding.

And have this little pretty yummy cupcake as deserts !

I want to have the cutest babies ever and spoil them all !

That I will try to make a better world one day, so that no child will cry of hunger anymore.

And I have always had this silly dream of mine to race in this car !

And that the nature is my best hiding place.

And the sound of the ocean is the best feeling of tranquility I could ever feel.

But then again, the best feeling of tranquil is reading this Holy Quran.

And I was hoping to make my 10th visit to the most incredible place on earth.

And for sure, I've been craving on paying you another visit, Ya Muhammad !

One day, I will make a change by wearing this, I know who I am deep inside of me.

Because all along, all I ever wanted in this life is to be your angel, oh Allah.

This is me.


Still in a journey of discovering myself and the world beyond.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Movie

Halluuu Halluuuu peeps !

How are you?

Hope all of you are doing fine =)

Well well well, this semester and last semester, I have this two short movie I had to make with my other team members. Satu for English subject and another one is Human Development subject. And I am the director and scriptwriter for both movies. Hee. Saje nak share the experience I had while making these movies. Just some pictures, since most of my entries are full of words kan. Enjoy ! But taknak lah ltak video movie tu, malu ! ;p

These pictures are from the Human Development Movie called 'Gusto'.

Poster yang tak seberapa. Haha

Mun and me =) Shayangg Mun !

The cast, Syaf and Mia

At Guardian Store, yg last2 kne halau. Haha =p

Family in the story =)

Syarina and Myra 

Uihh, tak sabo nak makan ! 

Peace ! Myra and Mun

Myra, Syaft, Farra. Dearest roommates =)

Mimi kena kepit !

Lovee <3

Tension asyik gelak je, tak jadi smua scene. haha

Basically, cerita ni pasal a girl ( me ) yg ada penyakit but still going strong in her life. And this awful doctor ( Syaft) who turned out to be a great one after the girl died. Story ni agak sedih la. huu. And I edited the movie myself. Sayanggg korang smua ! =)

These pictures pula from the movie from the English subject, 'The Lamb To The Slaughter'.

Aishah sayang !

Nisa nyomel =)

Haha, muka blurr

Mayat ;p

Syarina and Nisa <3

Nak ambil lamb nak bunuh Patrick. haha

Don't snap my pictures anymoree

Okay, this movie basically about Mary ( me ) yg baru dpt tau suami dia ni ( Patrick ) sbnrnya nak tglkan dia, padahal si Mary ni tgah pregnant taw ! ish ish ish. Soo, she killed her husband and at the end got away with it. Huu, Best taw ! =)

Nak upload video ke? Ermm, tak payahh kott ! Apa kata anda? =p
                                                                                                             Till the day gets better,

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ding Dong.

Whose there?

Its Life.

I wish I can put a mask on, and be a different person at times.

All my life I have been struggling to fit in, but unfortunately, I never did good. In the end, it's just gonna be and myself and my so-called friends. I know a lot of people and maybe they know me too but that's just about it. There's just, hye hye and bye bye. I'm not good at making conversations, mostly with people who are in these type of the list. 

1. The one who talks FORMAL conversations.
2. The one who just HAVE to talk bad about other people and thinks they are much better.
3. The one who always COMPLIMENT you, but there's just this odd feeling towards it.
4. The one who DOESN'T laugh and where humor is their least bit of skill.
5. The one who ONLY talks about studies, books, homeworks.
6. The one who will not TALK, unless I start the conversation first.

I mean, come onnn people, living a life here? Life is suppose to be fun. Please don't act like it's such a big sin to laugh out loud sometimes. I love my friends. They are the one who I don't have to pretend to be around them, the one that I can be real me. 

I had always have this urge in me to have a wonderful joyous life. Who doesn't, right? The sense of belonging is what I crave for, something I don't really get at most times. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong anywhere in the world, possibly because I haven't felt one yet.

Life can be cruel sometimes. But how cruel can it be than you being cruel to yourself right? Being cruel to yourself means, you stopping yourself from taking a good opportunity. When nobody strands you from taking it, but you're backing off just because you have no guts. Now that's cruel. YOU NEVER GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO SHINE! 

Well, I'm just good at saying things and giving advice, but I had always been cruel to myself my whole life. Wonder when it would be my time to shine. Perhaps one day. When the day comes. Watch me. =)

                                                                           Yours faithfully,

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Maria Maria Mariaa

How I love you oh so muchh my dear. You grew up so fast, and now you're tip toeing already. Awwwww. I remembered when I used to take care of you when you were just soo tiny and fragile, you were a month old. And I took care of you alone, I felt like single mother pula time tu. Hehe. You even know how to say 'kakak' already, oh you're gonna make kakak cry la. Hee, and these were all your pictures from when you were just a baby and until now my little girl =)

Slalu cium pipi tembam tu ! ;p

Little Miss Red Riding Hood

I want milk, I need energy to cry !

Bigger now, dah pandai posing depan camera =)

Baru nak tumbuh gigi, hee <3

Hug baby girl ~

I'm thinkingggg

Mata bolat kamu sayang !

I love youuu  budak kecik ;p

Raya 2010, hee :)

Skrg dah besar =)

Kiss for kakak?

No matter what happen, you will always be my little sissy okay? I love you with all my heart. And sayang, don't grow up too fast kay? Hee, <3

p/s:  A special entry for dearest Kak Firuz =) 
                                                                                 Till the lullaby,