Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For one last time.

For one last time, the heart finally surrender itself to the misery. For one last time, the tears will drop not in vengeance but for losing its faith. For one last time, the mind will see how beautiful our shattered dreams can be. For one last time, I will love you. Give me few seconds for this one last time, and I'll be through.

Wahai hati, tabah lah !


Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear A

Life is full of surprises.

Dear A,

I want you to know something. Please know that I am trying. I am trying real hard. From the bottom of my heart, I miss you so much. More than words can say. I felt like there is this big barrier, separating us apart. Where I am thrown to a place I hardly recognize. A world of black and white. 

Dear A,

Life would be so meaningful if it's all about you. I know my life would. It did, but where did it turned out wrong?  I never expected things to turn out the way it did. I know you have a great plan for me ahead. Whatever the plans are, all I wanted is a place in your heart. Not more than that. 

Dear A,

You knew me more than anyone. Perhaps more than I know myself, you know what I wanted. Blow the light in my heart again, so that I am able to breathe heaven's air. Return to me the serenity you had bestowed. When I look into the mirror, I no longer recognize the reflection. 

Dear A, 

Hear me, watch me. I will be there one day. Not of me for what I am today, but a greater and better me, insyaAllah. So that one day, I will not stand before you, ashamed. For that day that I am able to look at you, just one glance of you, would be the greatest gift of all.

Dear A,

Thank you for always being there for me, for being my strength. I believe that it was not a serendipity that I ran into you, but it was a sealed fate. For you are my heart, my life, my Allah.

                                                                      Your humble servant, 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poisoned Fairytale

I am not that girl

The girl you saw

Walking down the narrow path

 Truly I am not

Oh Almighty !

I'm calling for you

Do You hear me ?

Ease this pain of mine

For it has stayed for eternity

Wake me up

From this awful nightmare

I am shattering

Into thousand little pieces

Into dust

Give me a pair of wings

And I'll be gone

Up above the skies so wide

Worry not

Though I am far

I will always be with you

Watching you from above

Burn my wings down

And I will fall to the ground

For once

I can close my eyes

I let go of my fear

And feel the presence of the wind

The presence of you in my heart

I could feel it was near

That the burden is finally sailing of from these shoulders

I forgot it all

The smile on your face

The ever so alluring voice

The cherished memories

I am down

I am here

Is this heaven ?

I could feel you holding me

Oh don't let go !

I want to stay here forever

In your arms is where I belong

Hold on

Seize the second

You were not him

Not my angel

You being forgotten was what I thought

But you carved a smile

And ruined it all.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Cabaran VCO bermula ! =D

Hip Hip Horayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

Akhirnya sampai juga VCO ni ! Hee.
Wink Wink *

Untuk siapa yang tak tahu lagi, VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil ni is a dietary supplement suitable to suit your body needs. It is made with all the natural ingredients to make you feel good inside out ! Dah lama sebenarnya Myra nak beli benda alah ni, baru sekarang tercapai. Yeayy ! Mana taknya, pagi tadi courier man tu sampai, dengan muka belum mandi menghadap dia, tak maluuu betol ! Btw,excited sangatt nak cuba and tengok sejauh mana keberkesannanya. Tengok testimoni orang lain macam bagusss je kan. Untuk yang nak try, search lah di google yea. Ni produk Malaysia taw ! Pssst. Bangga la sikitt. VCO ni also helps to moisten and repair your skin, so harapp sangat dapat pulihkan muka yang tengah penuh dengan jerawat ni. Benci benci ! InsyaAllah, kalau berkesan Myra post lagi yea, and then korang boleh la try sendiri ! Hee.

p/s: oh oh, VCO ni sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur and for both genders too. Sempat lagi nak promote =p


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy, you mean the world to me.

You are what I would call " SuperMom"

Mommy, this is specially dedicated for you.

Mama, there are no words than can describe your love for me nor my love for you. I love you with all my heart beyond compare. You are the greatest mother one could ever have, and I am ever so stupid for not appreciating you enough. I should know that I am the luckiest daughter to have such a wonderful mother like you. 

Mama, I don't need you to give me the best presents on my birthday, just your wish, a hug and a prayer would already be so meaningful. I missed our moments where we laugh and gossip together, I missed everything about you. Whenever we got into an argument, I would cry so bad, I couldn't held on my tears for long. Being in an argument with you is the worst argument in the history of argument. Because it hurts so bad, that I hurt my mom. But I always had this terrible ego, and you will always be the first one to show up and say you're sorry. And then I would cuddle in your arms and you would say I love you. 

Mama, you are the toughest woman I know. I respect you for that, and not just that. For a whole lots of things. You never break down, but you kept on fighting, not wanting to look weak in front of your children. Sometimes I could feel how lonely you are without daddy, for he lives hundred miles away, and also how you were hurt before. I always wanted to ease your pain, but I were never good at that. 

Mama, I am terribly sorry if I am such a pain in the butt for you all this time. I know I'm hard to control, but this is who I am. And I am a girl who loves her mother more than anything, perhaps more than her husband in the future. You are everything to me. A tears in your eyes always made a tear in mine too. Seeing you hurt is the last thing I want to see from you, and I never stop praying that you will always be loved by Allah because you deserve every little bit of love from Him. 

Mama, I loved you when I was a baby, I loved you when I was a teenager, and I love you now as a young adult, and I will love you when I'm a mother, and I will always love you forever. 

I love you with all my heart. I hope you're proud of me for what I am today. 
Happy Mother's Day Mama <3

p/s: Ohh this is just soo sad, I'm crying while writing this. I love you oh so much mommy !

                                                Loving daughter,

Thinking Back

Hope you would know.

Thinking of you makes my life complete. 
You're my golden clouds, you're my smile.
 You are all the soulful love songs within my spirit
 Like an angel calling me. 
Perfect for my soul.

p/s: So sweet kan this quote ? I loike. Hee.
                                                    Loving you,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be strong okay ?

I dedicate this poetry to anyone whose in need of support.
Be strong through whatever alright ? =)

Be Strong

The dark will abate,
Just be not late,
Or you might miss fate.
Please reach for my hand
As you deeper sink in sand.
Let them not pull you down,
Lest you give reason to replace their frown
With the mocking smile of a clown.
Peace you have not found.
Give not ear to their sound,
And you shall find what you seek.
You listened while they were meek,
And while they fed you poisened treat.
Do not despair;
I am here, I care.
You didn't let go before,
So pick yourself up off the floor.
Go knock on the door.
Remember He still loves you,
And I do to

p/s: This poetry really means a lot kan kan kannn ? It's about being strong and being unafraid to fall because there's someone who still cares about you although the world seems to back you out. Love love it. Well, that's all for now. Take care people ! <3

Credits : HeatherShaw.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love them


Hello Hello Hellooo.

=p =p =p

okay, saja mengada -.-'

Syaft, Farra, Myra, Nunu. I heart you all <3

In this life, of course la kita ada kawan kan? Even xramai, mesti ada a few yg betul2 ngam dgn kita. Ever since I enter 5002 (my hostel room), we just clicked immediately ! I love them oh super duper much. When I'm happy, they will make my day happier. Memang tak sah kalau tak gelak dengan diorang ni satu hari. Pecah perut, lenguh pipi ! And, masa susah pun, they are always there too. Sharing the tears together. Sayangg korang banyak banyak and ketat ketat gitu ! I hope we'll stay best friends forever okay ?

* Lap lap korang shangaittt ! <3
                                              Besties till the world collides,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Boy

I love you birthday boy ! =p

Happy 19th Birthday to youu sayang ! I love u so so so much. I hope we will be happy together forever. May Allah bless you throughout your entire life. You're a great guy taw, I love you <3

                                                                                                   Lovey Lovey,