Saturday, April 16, 2011


Maria Maria Mariaa

How I love you oh so muchh my dear. You grew up so fast, and now you're tip toeing already. Awwwww. I remembered when I used to take care of you when you were just soo tiny and fragile, you were a month old. And I took care of you alone, I felt like single mother pula time tu. Hehe. You even know how to say 'kakak' already, oh you're gonna make kakak cry la. Hee, and these were all your pictures from when you were just a baby and until now my little girl =)

Slalu cium pipi tembam tu ! ;p

Little Miss Red Riding Hood

I want milk, I need energy to cry !

Bigger now, dah pandai posing depan camera =)

Baru nak tumbuh gigi, hee <3

Hug baby girl ~

I'm thinkingggg

Mata bolat kamu sayang !

I love youuu  budak kecik ;p

Raya 2010, hee :)

Skrg dah besar =)

Kiss for kakak?

No matter what happen, you will always be my little sissy okay? I love you with all my heart. And sayang, don't grow up too fast kay? Hee, <3

p/s:  A special entry for dearest Kak Firuz =) 
                                                                                 Till the lullaby,


  1. alalala, comel nya mariaaaa time kck2. yg red riding hood tu paling cute. hehe nw da besar daaaa. asyik "eeek eeekk eekk" je ayat dia kan. hehe. happy nya jumpa maria ngan kakti ngn mira sume td. mula2 malu. then ok da. hehehe balik nnt nk tumbuk2 abg jad sbb tipu org kan. hehe. mira tlg kiss2 maria lg tuk kak firuz tauuuu. hehe.

  2. hehehe. myra da jerit2 time dia call kak firuz td, ckp abg jad tipuuuuuu. haha. takpe, maria dah start comfortable ngn kak firuz tuu, knela slalu dtg. baru dia nak. hehe. okayyy, myra kisssssss dia byk2 <3

  3. haha, kiss la byk2, pipi dia tembam ! haah comell sgtt syakey :)