Saturday, April 16, 2011


We never planned on going to anywhere further from KL before, but this time, ktorang sampai ke Genting! Hoorayyyy. Okayyy, memang pening ya amat masa nak naik, tp the feeling of the wind on my skin was awesome. Dah lama tak hirup udara segar. Hee. Actually saje je acah2 nak pegi, but then at last sampai juga. And yes, we had lots of fun right sayang? Hee. And and, yes, takot masa turun tu bwk laju sgt taw ! ;p

I love you you you =)

On a boat, romantic lah ;p

<3 <3 <3

Org tu xpndi snap gmbr ;p

Love you forever  <3

May God bless us sayang =)

It was a really tiring day. Tp best best best sgt taw, I really enjoyed every moment. And that artificial hand, I'll keep it forever, pinky pinky promise ! Hehe. Next time kite pergi lagi, we should ride the space shot ! Haha. But soory if nanti telinga berdarah, cuz I'll screammm my head off. XDD

                                                                               Till our next day out,
                                                                                                          Myra <3


  1. hehehe alolo so sweetttt. rasa best kn bila pi genting ngn bf. hehe. nnt kita double date kat genting jom. triple ngn kakti lg besttttt. kalo ada maria lgggggg best. haha.

  2. haha. okayy jeee ! hee <3 myra on je ble2 =)