Friday, April 1, 2011

April, Fool me.

April April April. How did you get here so fast? I remembered I last saw you last year and now you have finally return. Why oh whyy. Time seems to travel faster than ever these days. Kan kan? I hate getting old, urgh. Well, speaking of April, people here and there are fooling each other cuz there's this thingy called "April Fool". For muslims, Please oh please do not celebrate this beautiful day by fooling people. Don't greet your dearest one in the morning by saying, April Fool. We are muslims, and yes we do have responsibilities. April Fool is made by the Al-Kafirun, and it's a really heart-breaking history. Please do search in google about this based on Islamic research. Just remember peeps, for everything that you do, Allah will reward you. Okay? Alright. Soo, jangan laa nak fool kan orang, tak baik kan? Even main-main pun, kadang2 kita tak tau yg orang tu tak suka. Lagipun utk yang muslim, it is forbidden. Tak payahla nak gatal-gatal tambah dosa, yang sedang digalas ni pun tak tertebus lagi kan? Hee. God bless you people ! =)

                                                                        Till the flower blooms,


  1. I was ever fooled by my friend in high school. Yeah that was really not good. :p

  2. yea right? i was always fooled too. grr. haha :)