Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why oh Why ?

Salam and greetings everyone !

Actually it's been a long time since I want to write this entry, stayed in the draft section for quite sometime and now dah bersemangat ni terus jela tulis. ( Padahal ada exam esok =.=). Like any other girls, I love to see other pretty girls. We adore each other kan girls ? Doesn't mean I'm a lesbo okay, I just admire beauty so much. And I was always wondering, why does other girls look really pretty in their shawl ? I wanted to wear it too, but everytime I do, it always got out of control in the end. Serabut serabut ! Last-last mesti nampak serabai gila -.- When I wear it, my face look awkward and so chubby. I hate it when my face looks chubby, but I envy those who looks good in all those pashminas, satin, and cotton shawls. My little brother says I look ugly in them, that's why I'm still wearing that tudung bawal. Although my wardrobe is filled with shawl, I seldom wear them. I feel so ugly when I wear it, yet I wanted it so bad.

Why oh whyyy I can't look good like them? =(

Both of them are my all-time favourite.
Gorgeous women =)

Both are really high-fashioned and diva. Love them so much !

Like an angel.


Gorgeous sangat =')

Suci and cantik sangat.

And err, this is me.
Trust me, I've cropped this picture,
You should see me in real life wearing this.
Soo serabai dan tidak cantik. Kbai.

I really want to make a change., but I never had the gut to do it. I wanna wear shawl like all those girls out there, oh pleaseee help. No matter how ugly I look, when the other girl wears the same shawl. Oh cantik pula awak pakai ! Urghh. 



  1. Thank you dear , tapi still rasa awkward klu nak pki ;p followed u da :)