Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry, no rubbish here.

Hello there.

Hope everyone is doing great great great =)

As you may see from my previous entries, I DO NOT talk rubbish. In fact, I hate it. What's the purpose of it anyway? I'm here to talk about life, my view towards so many many things. I like to express my feelings through poetry because it HAS a meaning. And in life, we're not here for endless fun, what more for foolish stuff. I love to read other people entries that states something which you can get idea or something useful. Something MEANINGFUL. Please oh please people, if your blog is for public view, then make like ONE.

Nothing personal really, just my point of view. No hard feelings okay. =)

I like this one sweet girl's blog, she says things that makes me wonder about the world and all around me. Keep it up gurl ! =D


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