Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy oh Daddy !

The precious men in my life <3
Myra, Abah, Abg Jad, Tokki

Once, there's a man. The first man to whisper something in my ear, the first man to cuddle and kiss me on the cheeks. What can I say about you abah, you are just wonderful. Ever since I was a little kid, you never gotten mad at me, what more to scold me. You are the only man that will has his own special place that will never ever fade or displace. And through all these years, you have spoiled me like a baby. You don't care if I hug you in the middle of the mall, you never cared if suddenly I come to you and hug you from the back, or even sleep on your big belly. I'm such a spoiled brat, aren't I? Who asked you to pamper me that much? Hehe. Sometimes when I talked to you on the phone, people would be confused and say, "Were you talking to your boyfriend?". Because I am always sooo manja kan kan? Thank you for everything that you have given to me and our family, I know you sacrificed a lot. And behind those smiles on your face, I know it's hard for you to be apart from us. I love you super duper much Daddy, you're the best dad ever. Happy Daddy's Day. Mmmmmuaahhhhhhhhhhh !

                                                                                                    Your girl,


  1. hehe alala so sweetttt. gaya mira cite, abah nampak macam manja. hari tu jumpa takut abah takut garang. hehe. happy fathers day to abah too. hehe. :)

  2. hehe, abah tak garang langsungg. dia suka sgt manjakan ank dia. hehe. lagi2 yg terlebih manja cm myra ni. hee =p