Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poisoned Fairytale

I am not that girl

The girl you saw

Walking down the narrow path

 Truly I am not

Oh Almighty !

I'm calling for you

Do You hear me ?

Ease this pain of mine

For it has stayed for eternity

Wake me up

From this awful nightmare

I am shattering

Into thousand little pieces

Into dust

Give me a pair of wings

And I'll be gone

Up above the skies so wide

Worry not

Though I am far

I will always be with you

Watching you from above

Burn my wings down

And I will fall to the ground

For once

I can close my eyes

I let go of my fear

And feel the presence of the wind

The presence of you in my heart

I could feel it was near

That the burden is finally sailing of from these shoulders

I forgot it all

The smile on your face

The ever so alluring voice

The cherished memories

I am down

I am here

Is this heaven ?

I could feel you holding me

Oh don't let go !

I want to stay here forever

In your arms is where I belong

Hold on

Seize the second

You were not him

Not my angel

You being forgotten was what I thought

But you carved a smile

And ruined it all.


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