Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be strong okay ?

I dedicate this poetry to anyone whose in need of support.
Be strong through whatever alright ? =)

Be Strong

The dark will abate,
Just be not late,
Or you might miss fate.
Please reach for my hand
As you deeper sink in sand.
Let them not pull you down,
Lest you give reason to replace their frown
With the mocking smile of a clown.
Peace you have not found.
Give not ear to their sound,
And you shall find what you seek.
You listened while they were meek,
And while they fed you poisened treat.
Do not despair;
I am here, I care.
You didn't let go before,
So pick yourself up off the floor.
Go knock on the door.
Remember He still loves you,
And I do to

p/s: This poetry really means a lot kan kan kannn ? It's about being strong and being unafraid to fall because there's someone who still cares about you although the world seems to back you out. Love love it. Well, that's all for now. Take care people ! <3

Credits : HeatherShaw.


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