Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy, you mean the world to me.

You are what I would call " SuperMom"

Mommy, this is specially dedicated for you.

Mama, there are no words than can describe your love for me nor my love for you. I love you with all my heart beyond compare. You are the greatest mother one could ever have, and I am ever so stupid for not appreciating you enough. I should know that I am the luckiest daughter to have such a wonderful mother like you. 

Mama, I don't need you to give me the best presents on my birthday, just your wish, a hug and a prayer would already be so meaningful. I missed our moments where we laugh and gossip together, I missed everything about you. Whenever we got into an argument, I would cry so bad, I couldn't held on my tears for long. Being in an argument with you is the worst argument in the history of argument. Because it hurts so bad, that I hurt my mom. But I always had this terrible ego, and you will always be the first one to show up and say you're sorry. And then I would cuddle in your arms and you would say I love you. 

Mama, you are the toughest woman I know. I respect you for that, and not just that. For a whole lots of things. You never break down, but you kept on fighting, not wanting to look weak in front of your children. Sometimes I could feel how lonely you are without daddy, for he lives hundred miles away, and also how you were hurt before. I always wanted to ease your pain, but I were never good at that. 

Mama, I am terribly sorry if I am such a pain in the butt for you all this time. I know I'm hard to control, but this is who I am. And I am a girl who loves her mother more than anything, perhaps more than her husband in the future. You are everything to me. A tears in your eyes always made a tear in mine too. Seeing you hurt is the last thing I want to see from you, and I never stop praying that you will always be loved by Allah because you deserve every little bit of love from Him. 

Mama, I loved you when I was a baby, I loved you when I was a teenager, and I love you now as a young adult, and I will love you when I'm a mother, and I will always love you forever. 

I love you with all my heart. I hope you're proud of me for what I am today. 
Happy Mother's Day Mama <3

p/s: Ohh this is just soo sad, I'm crying while writing this. I love you oh so much mommy !

                                                Loving daughter,

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