Saturday, March 12, 2011

Newcomer =)

Ohh yeaaa, i forgot an intro -.-'

First of all, my name is Amirah bt Abdul Halim. Yea, i know it's very simple dimple, but simplicity always does it ! Haha. I am a January baby, I was born on 13th on that month. Because of that, 13 has always been my lucky and most favourite number. * xfhm knp org putih slalu ckp 13 number badluck. grrrr O.o Hate to say this but yeah, I turned 19 early this year and still in a state of believing it. gosh ! Can't believe I'm going to wave an eternal goodbye to my teenage year soon. How frustrating is that ? Do i look that old to you? Huh ??  There was a time when i went to this tailor with my beloved oh so much saya sayang sangattt mommy, the tailor asked, " Oh, is this your daughter ? Going to high school next year ? " Muahahahahahaha Aishhh, apa lagi ketat seluar ! Awet muda la katakan !  Hahaha. But but, going to high school next year ? That one sounds like double meaning too kan ? Like I don't look that mature enough to be my age. Hurmm, sedih pula. 

Soo, back on track. Asyik melalut je myra ni ! I am a girl lady woman who loves beautiful things and for me the most beautiful thing, is the world and all the creation beneath it. The world is soo beautiful even if its in black and white. But, mankind always have their dirty hand on it and destroy everything ! Well, that is just the second most beautiful thing. The first and most most most super duper beautiful is The Creator himself. He created beautiful things, far and beyond our own imagination, so He must be much more beautiful than things He ever created. True ? You must agree with that, its undeniable =D 

I love love love rainbow ! For me, a rainbow is like magic. After the rain falls down, after all the sadness and sorrow been flushed out from earth, there will be this pretty beautiful gorgeous rainbow there right on the sky. And the best part is that, it gives colours and tones to the plain  blue sky ! It looked like someone had painted some colours on the sky and when you see it, the world gets betterDon't you think ? Hee =) One tip here, if you ever felt misery, don't just cry and feel the pain alone, look out the window and look at the bright sky or the stars that shine. When you do, the world will share everything with you. Trust me trust me trust me ! It works everytime.

Peculiar. A word that best defines me. *Search the meaning if you don't understand. Peculiar is something not even close to normal, and maybe that's me. It is something extraordinary, eccentric, exceptional, funny, weird, strange, unusual and so much much more. Well, I change a lot over time, but something inside me that never change is that, I will always be this part of me that always wanted to be there for someone. I don't know why, but it feels good, no, great to be able to be there for someone, you know? To be able to be their strength or their walking stick to support if they might collapse anytime. I always wanted to be someone in one's life, someone that will never be forgotten.

Cadbury had never ever ever failed to mesmerize me. It's there when you need it, and it never refuses you like people would. Kan kann ? It's the best chocolate in the world ! Cadbury will always be there at times when you're happy or you're sad, it never dissapoints you ! Ahhh, I'm getting insane ! Okay okay, whatever it is. I love u, Cadbury. *wink wink

Okayyy, dah penat. Dah cukup panjang. Klu xblh tulis essay about me lagi, xtaula nak ckp apa -.-

Sooo yeaa, that's a little something about me. A newcomer to the blogger world. I hope you people enjoyed it ! 

                                                                                Till the next entry,

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