Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life As We Know It

Life is very subjective. The meaning changes through every person you meet. Each and every one of them has their own perspective on life. And me? Yes, I do have my own too. For me, life is like a hamster in it's cage. At times, the hamster(you) will go and take a ride on it's wheel and that everytime you do, you will be running through it like someone is chasing. Like us, we are running for our life. We are running for success, for grades, for love, for wealth, for every little thing that matters to you. Reality is that, nobody is chasing. Its not that you're being paranoid, but you have to run for your life. If you don't run, then bye bye life and helloo hell. Life is not a race, yet you have to run to live through it.

The world is changing everyday, and if you stop at a junction too long, the world goes by without you. Do anything you want, its YOUR life anyway. If you make a wrong turn, find a way outBuy a map =p Most importantly, make a wise decision. You don't want when you're old, rocking in  a chair in your 80s, having a flashback on how your life turned out the way it did. The worst is that, when this question popped up in your mind at the very moment. " Why am I not brave enough to stand for myself, and take that damn turn? " Yeah, well grandma, its too late. You should be ordering your box right now. Regrets are not more than just regrets if you do nothing about it.

I am trying real hard to make the decisions of my life too here. And I made many wrong turns and still do. But each time, I'm back on my feet. Stronger than ever. Nothing could bring me down, not if I want it to. Just remember this one important thing though. In life, there is this thing called 'FATE'. Your fate is sealed, but you still have the power to change it. God won't help people who doesn't help themselves. So, stand up, aim high ! This is your life we're talking about, and it happens just once. That's why we call it, once in a life time. One life, one shot, one opportunity.

                                                                         Till the next fate is sealed,

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