Saturday, March 12, 2011


I love them super duper much !
From left, Myra Mimi Aisha Farra Syaf

You must be wondering what 5002 stands for right? Well then guess ! You know what, its okay. I'll tell ya ! 5002 is my beautiful homey cosy hostel room. Yeap, that's right ! Eventhough it's not really that big, that clean, that cosy and such. I can still live with it. Certain part of it even made me feel calm and tranquil. Maybe because I live on the 5th floor ? Its just a plain boring room that is just nice for me. Somehow, I like it in an odd way. And yes, my bed is the upper part of the double-deck, and yes yesss I loike it too ! Soo, does that makes me on the 6th floor then? 

5002 is my second home. I love everything about it. Almost. I like the breeze of the wind that came through the window at night, comforting me in my sleep. I like all my friends on that floor. I like the sometime clean toilet. I like it when nobody cares if I got up in the afternoon. I like the position of the room, facing the light. I like my new wardrobe. I like my hot pink stripes quilt. I like my table being just side by side with the switch and my bed. And the most wonderful thing that I loike is my two best buds ! They are what I call, pamilia =)

The first one is Syaf. She is one of a kind, I rarely found someone like her in my life. Perhaps she's just unique in her own way, and and she own the name that I am planning for my daughter ! Awwwwww. Hahaha. From the first time I met her, I already like her alot. And I will always do la sayanggg. She is a very very very caring person if you really knew her, and I love that part of her so much. She is kind, pretty, and has a very beautiful smile ! Her nama timangan is "Angoh". And the best part of her is that, she is very sekepala with me ! Dia layannn je my perangai, and I always do the same too. I think its very fun to be that way with her. Dia selalu menceriakan suasana ! She was always there when I needed her, and babe, trust me, I will always stand by your side and be your support ! You are the best of the best =) I love youu oh so much Chapiyaa ! xoxo

Now, the other one is Farra Jay. She is tall, and I envy her for that. She is very pretty as well, she even has a dimple ! Which I loike loike loike. When I first met her, she looked like just another girl next door. But when i get to know her, she is very beautiful in her own way. She is very calm and a very understanding person. We call her Farra Tabah ! Because she is always so courageous and strong through whatever. I love love love her. She listens attentively to all that I have to say, always being there for me. Her nama timangan is "Along". She is a January baby as well ! But I'm older by six days -.-'  She is the neutral part of the room,because she's the normal one. Hahaha. She doesn't really make jokes but loves to hear them from us, and never miss a laugh at it. You are the awesomest ! I love youuu oh so much Faghaa Jay ! xoxo

Me ? Well, they call me Mamo. Yeap that's right. If anyone of you mess with them. I'll give you one BIG flying kick !

                                                                                    Till the next mondays,

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