Friday, March 11, 2011

Fair Enough ?

Life is full of unexpected things yet to arise and surprise you, but sometimes when certain things got in the way, you forget the other things as well. Soo people, if you have some things in hand, don't forget about the other things that are already well kept in your hands. ME myself is trying very very veryyy hard to do that too. It really is not easy, trust me. But once you get your grip on it, I'm sure it will not come loose that easily anymore. Get what i mean? Haha. Okay, here is an example. Perhaps one day you have this beautiful dress you just bought. Oh yes, the colour, the texture, the silkiness of it, made you fell in love with it everytime you lay your eyes on it, and not just you, everyone will stop and stare too. And soo, you wear it everyday and everynight and everyday and everynight. You loved it so much that it made you forgot, you have other beautiful dresses too. One day you woke up and stare at the mirror and thought, oh hey, this isn't as pretty anymore. And when you look back and see your other dresses, unfortunately they have worn out because you've neglected them for so long.

The same goes to us, humans. When we found someone new, for example a new bestfriend. We forget our old ones. And when one day, your new BFF hits on you, and you turn around, nobody is going to ever have your back anymore. So, the moral story is, be fair and equivalent to everyone. Love the ones you have now and ready to accept love and give love to others that might come and stop by at your door in the future. It is never a waste, to be able to give and accept love. Right ? Because love surrounds you all the time ! Be grateful okay, for  LOVE is the greatest gift of all.

                                                                                                       Till love comes and stop by,

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