Tuesday, September 20, 2011



So, just now buka website Annas Easkey. Siapa tak kenal kann, he is none other than the famous and talented Malaysian photographer ! To be honest, I am proud to say that we have such talent and passion for photography  in Malaysia ! I am a fan of photography myself, dan saya sangat-sangat meminati Annas Easkey's photos! ( Banyak sangat exclamation mark ni maksudnya saya sangat excited okay ! )

Okay, the question is KENAPA SAYA SUKA ANNAS EASKEY ?

Easy peasy lah Annas =)

Normal people take pictures but professionals shoot them. And the way you shoot is just simply AMAZING ! Browsing through your photographs, rasa macam tengok album America's Next Top Model  tahuuu ! All the pictures are just right, macam kena je dengan background and the colour mixture of the picture. Oh Oh ! And what I love the most about you Annas Easkey is, your photography has a story in it. Like it's not just all about the perfect shot, but it's beyond that. When I see your photograph, I can feel something like a story is being told with just a snapshot. And you know who shoots pictures like that ? YOU, ANNAS EASKEY ! Seriously,  you shoot as great as Nigel Barker. My favourites are pictures that are full with emotion, like the 4th picture at the top from left. That is honestly REMARKABLE ! I love love love it. And the picture beside it pun is my favourite. I could tell every story that is in your photographs ! 


Okay, for example, the picture of the girl looking back. That is also listed in my favs. This picture, for me is about a girl who looked very strong on the outside, but inside she's struggling like hell. Seorang yang, ada masanya nak mengulangi masa silam nya, tapi tak mampu kerana masa itu adalah bukan mainan yang bisa diputar semula. Warna hitam putih tu pula melambangkan betapa beratnya apa yang telah dia lalui sebelum ni, and how she went through all that, only she knows. The white hairband that she wears melambangkan yang kini dia dah lebih kuat, dan tak perlu lagi dia tutup muka and hide. Like she is saying, it's time for me to stand out from all this misery. Get out from all this black and whites, and perhaps colour her life a bit more. But even whatever happens next, she will never forget what she went through from the past, and what she learnt. The picture is, as if telling that, the history might never change even if I look back a thousand times, but I'm still gonna fight through. The sad face shows that she's leaving it all behind, the misery. The lights behind shows that, there's a chance for her and a bright future awaits. The blurry background tells that none of the past or what people say about her matters, like she doesn't want to care anymore, she has to fight and stand out ! That is what I could tell about this picture, the story hidden beneath it. Bukan semua gambar boleh dikhabarkan cerita yang tersirat disebaliknya, hanya apabila gambar itu kena dengan masa dan keadaan nya. Dan orang yang boleh snap pictures like that is seseorang seperti awak, Annas.

Sincerely, I don't really care of winning this but I just thought that you should know that. That such talent you have, shall not be wasted. Keep on doing this cool job Annas ! I love your work, and will always be a fan

 ** Ingat lagi waktu first time buka page Annas, I thought it was a professional photographer from US or anything, but tengok-tengok eh cakap melayu lah !  And I love that you're not arrogant like certain photographers. Hee !

p/s : Takpe ke I wrote in English ye ? Huu, sorry !

              So Annas Easkey, I hope this is good enough to tell you how great you are =)