Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Imma Lovatic

I am such a big fan of Demi Lovato ! Yippeeee. Actually this is kinda new, I never was a fan of her before, but there was that day that I heard her new song, ' Skyscraper'  that I fell deeply in love with her. Oh, and she got into rehab before, and now she looks stronger and better than ever. I always thought she was this cheerful girl where all her dreams came true. But I came to know that, that is the least of what I actually know. She has this problem, more of a depression ever since she was like what, 7 years old ? Because once, people was always calling her fat and such, and that had made her to cutting herself. I hate it how people could say such terrible words and make people feel so bad until they would do such thing. It's just not fair, no one ever asked to be imperfect, that is. Right, Demi ? I think she is a fighter, on the outside, all people ever saw is her big beautiful smile, but on the inside, she was in vain and only she knew then. Now, she said getting help had made things a little bit easier for her to handle, and thank God for that. She also made these tattoos on both her wrists. On the left says Stay and on the right says Strong. So that whenever she's doing just about anything she'll be able to see her hand that says, Stay Strong. I think that's just beautiful of her. And consider she's lucky cause she's got a whole lot of support system from her family and biggest of all, her true fans. I see many people really loves her, and so do I ! Demi, you've got so many people who will always support you, so do Stay Strong ! =))

I love this picture the most !
You are one gorgeous woman Ms lovato.

Keep singing Demi ! You're an inspiration.

Smile and really mean it okay ! =)

See her left hand?
That's the scars of her cutting herself.
Poor Demi.

Lovatic Forever <3



  1. I like Demi Lovato too. ^^ The first song of her I listened to was 'This is Me'. I like that song till now :).

  2. yea, I like that song too ! you shud hear the song skyscraper. its a great song =)

  3. Thank you puput ! =) its been sometime since i went blogwalking to ur blog, will do anytime soon =)