Thursday, July 28, 2011


What was I thinking ? I was never good enough for you. You were so far beyond my reach, you were never meant for me. I should have known you better. You are always what I thought you are, I always knew you better than anyone else. I should have known. You are so beautiful, I wish I could see you every night in my dreams. I envy those around you that could see you everyday effortlessly, while it's been such a struggling time for me to have lost you my dear one. You are always that person, forever. I wonder if we will meet again one day. If we do, I wonder what kind of reaction would you make. Through every thick and thin, I pray to Allah. You know me better than anyone else and I wish your hope for me wouldn't fade in eternity. I have always wanted to be that person, and I know how much you knew of me. We've shared a lot. One day, I promise I'll be her. The angel in His eyes. Pray for me. InsyaAllah.

*Trying to write a masterpiece here.

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