Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beyond Imagination

Can you see the sky above? We see it everyday, but who knows what lies beyond that border. I always wonder how magical it could be up there above the sky. How things can no longer be imaginable, how spectacular things could be. How miraculous and ridiculous our thoughts could merely think of. How far really that our minds can wonder about this whole complicated yet magnificent world ? All I see is the plain blue sky on top of my head, though it seems like I can just reach it, it is too far away beyond my capable hands. I see the world as a whole, as a symbol of greatness and noble

Yes, definitely like this !

I remembered the first time I thought how extraordinary the world can be. I was on the plane at night. People were sleeping and some were snoring their heads off. But I couldn't keep my eyes closed, I was just not sleepy and maybe a little jag lagged. ( Did i spell that right? Oh, I dunno ) So without thinking, I opened the window and saw it. Oh my goodness ! And there it lies before my eyes. Hundreds and thousands of stars twinkling everywhere, lighting up the dark night. It was like you pour your talcum powder on a sugar paper ! That was how immeasurable the stars were up there. I was stunned to see so many stars, it was the most beautiful night I had ever seen in my entire life. I wish I could see that every night, it reminded me of how Great His Power is to  make such phenomenal and terrific things. Allahuakbar. And so I wished upon the brightest star among them, and wished for something I had always desired. I hope that wish will become true one day.

It looked so much better than this, all white !

The second time I saw such tremendous things were also when I was on the plane. There were so much you can see from above, and how those view can truly stunned and mesmerized you by only being itself, was always so remarkable to me. So there I was, it was like 4 or 5 in the morning or was it 6, well something around that time. I was just awake from my deep sleep, and seeing other people still wandering in their dreams, I opened the window. Once again, I was spellbound. I think my mouth went 'Waaaaaa'. Yeap, I am very sure of that. Do you have any idea what I saw? I saw paradise ! Yes, the world's paradise. Up there, it was like nothing but white clouds everywhere. Like gigantic cotton balls all over the place ! It was truly like heaven, maybe that was the part that separates the world and the paradise eh?  But all I know is, it was perfectly beautiful. So perfect, far from any drawback. I wish I could explain how splendid the moment was for me, as this thought occur to me. As you know I just woken up from my sleep, and the first thought that cross my mind was, "Am I in heaven?" I thought I was dead and the plane crashed while I was asleep or something for seeing such beautiful scene, the best picture I had of the clouds and the sky in my mind till now. How can I ever forget that moment. Thank you Allah, for letting me see that part of You.

                                                                            For more yet to come,

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