Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry

Not necessarily.

No matter how big or adult people might be, they still have feelings. A feeling that has both happy and sad. It is never a sin to cry, to let all those dreadful burden off your shoulders. It can really calm you down, let it all out through all those tears. No man should never cry. 

Just cry if that can make you feel better.
Just cry if you can take it no more.
Just cry if you need strength.
Just cry if you feel like falling again.
Just cry if you need to get up from stumbling again.
Just cry if that is the only thing that can come out from you at the moment.


Just let it flow through your tears, 
 It will make you feel a little bit lighter. 
Oh, don't forget.
After that,
Just smile.
And you'll be strong enough to face another day of yours.



  1. lets cry togehter :)
    i will make u more calm :)

  2. thanx myrha, that's very nice of you =)