Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best Figure

Ahmad Deedat

A name, a person, and a figure that I had always respected and looked up for. He was a noted man and was very well-known all over the world because of his amazing abilities to provoke Islam. Oh trust me, search him on YouTube and listen to him when he's giving his speech in debates, I'm sure you're gonna love him as much as I do. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us anymore as he had passed on to meet his Creator ( may Allah bless his soul ). He died in the year of 2005 and before that had suffered from stroke, but never did he ever gave up to nurture the islamic way to other people. I believe what God has given him was because he already did his part to the world, though the world seems to still needs someone like him. Rest in peace Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, for you have stood for Islam for quite some time and with such magnificent words you gave, I'm sure people shall not forget

He had wrote quite a number of incredible books, which are very popular around the globe such as :

  • Combat Kit (Tentera Yang Bersiap Sedia)

  • Christ In Islam (Nabi Isa di dalam Islam)

  • Al-Quran, The Miracles of Miracles (Al-Quran, Keajaiban dari segala Keajaiban)

  • Cruxifixion or Cruci-Fixtion? (Penyaliban, Rekaan atau Benar?)

  • Is The Bible God’s Word? (Adakah Bible Kalam Tuhan?)

  • What The Bible Says About Muhammad PBUH? (Apa yang diungkapkan Bible tentang Nabi Muhammad s.a.w?)

  • p/s : I really wanted to buy one of these, but didn't really get the chance because I haven't found it yet. InsyaAllah one day I will. =)

    Come on people, let's spread the beauty of Islam !

                                                                                                      Lots of Love,


    1. A great man indeed! Even though he's no longer with us, his spirit will live on iA.. through us.. =)

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    2. yes he was a great and noble man. I hope his teachings will live among us too. thnk u so much Helmi =)