Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Salam, hello people ! I'm kinda really really bored right now, although there's still so many things laid undone, I'm just too lazy to do it. So, despite completing my important assignments that is due this friday -.-'  , I wanna share some picture with ya ! This is my own interpretations of pictures that I like and words that really means something to me. If you have you own interpretations of the pictures, share it here aite ! Saja suka-suka, for fun ! Teehee.

Seems so mysterious.
A girl chasing for her long lost love, off sailing on a ship.
Once again, she had to wait for him.
On that tower she waits and waits and waits.

Sometimes, the best way is to walk away.
Perhaps being apart of you is the only solution.
And maybe without me, you'll be much happier.

Sometimes when I look down, I realise how far I'd walk.
I realise that this ground is very strange to me.
Since I haven't stepped on it before.
And this new place taught me new things in life.

When you found your true someone, keep him close.
You might not be his first or his last.
But he will always be the reason why.

Don't be too stressed up with the little things in life.
Though I had always been.
I am glad there's someone to comfort me.

Sometimes people are too blind to see the love of others.
And that's when hatred takes its place.

Not only words can describe our feelings.
Tears are words that heart can't say.

When you feel something inside your heart
And you can't seem to let it out.
Why don't you write on a piece of paper
When you're done, take the paper to the sea.
Put it in a bottle, and throw it away.
Watch it goes by the waves,
Just like all your sorrows are leaving you.

People are always people. They never change, but one thing that is never the same is their thoughts. 
It changes with time, space, and love.
The thoughts are the most important energy in us.
Save it for the right one.


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