Saturday, June 16, 2012

New beginning


Hello ! Hope you're doing just fine out there. I'm fine too here. Anyway, I moved from my hostel to a condominium in Cyberjaya. Not gonna tell  you exactly where though. hehe. And so far so good la, the walking part is the most tiring but I just thought I need a new environment. I'm sharing a master bedroom with another 2 friends of mine. And the house has a total of 7 people. The rent is quite expensive for a student though, but I guess i just have 2 years more, so why not try new things within these time. Andd the house can be really creepy at times, but normally I just stayed in my room. The worst part is that, there's no unifi or any internet connection whatsoever, which always left me in boredom. Sigh. Its like you're totally left out from the outside world when you couldn't get online. My classes are quite packed from Monday till Thursday, and I'm always home for the weekend. That's just totally it for my new semester. Yea, I know. Boring entry this time, haha. Catch me up later on the next entry !


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